Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When life gives you lemons..

Oh what a weekend!  I love long weekends with all my family home and barbecues afoot and friends coming to stay.  Our long weekend began on Friday with Isaac off from school and Justin off from work. We even had a failed camping attempt planned.  Unfortunately, autism had a different idea so the trip was postponed but other fun things occurred instead.

Last night I surveyed the damage.  It's not too bad.  The house is generally clean except for a generous sprinkling of toys and books.  But the kitchen sink.  The recipient of a couple days of merriment and the inevitable "every one's home" effect.  It's moments like these that it really hits home that I live with four men.

I sighed, not exactly excited about beginning this monumental task at ten at night.  House Hunters International was on in the background and I made a decision.  My brain still needed a vacation from our vacation weekend.

I needed lemonade.  Fresh lemonade.  I grabbed about fourteen lemons, organic naturally, sugar, my jadite juicer and my special, specifically for homemade lemonade, pitcher.

(Forgive my claw like hands here)

It's very important when making lemonade to use the right ingredients in the right proportions.  I'd love to give you a recipe but it's all by taste really.  I squeeze about two cups of lemon juice and add in about two or more cups of organic sugar (this has to be stirred longer as it takes longer to dissolve) and fill the rest of the pitcher with water.

And no other lemonade will ever taste this good.  Not even the Hot Dog on a Stick stuff.

So the dishes still await.

But so does the lemonade.

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  1. I LOVE lemonade! And we use organic ingredients, too (whenever possible)! My kids love it, also. :)