Friday, July 23, 2010

Darling Starling Potholder Tutorial

I've been sewing sewing sewing!  I made myself the cutest new dress.  I have a passion for vintage dresses from the fifties.  Sadly, they either cost a fortune, are disintegrating or impossible to find in my size.

I started snapping up vintage patterns, again hard to find in my size when you consider that a size 12 was a 32 bust, 23 waist!  I've also discovered some vintage pattern reproductions.  I'm having a blast.  I've got to get the husband to take pictures of me modelling a couple and put them up here!

Today, I made good on my promise and created the pattern for my bird potholder, which is available in this post.  Just save the images to your computer.  Sorry about the quality of the images.  I created them in Photoshop and then realized I had to take them down to jpeg files to work for you all.

I refined the shape and style a little since I am no longer free handing it! ( Sorry Greta!  Now you've got the original guinea pig potholder.  But it's one-of-a-kind!)

Next I made myself a potholder and photographed it step-by-step so you can now make your own should you chose!

It's a fun little project, fairly simple, taking me about a half hour for potholder #2, now that I know what I'm doing and have a pattern!

Without further ado, the tutorial:

Betsi's Darling Starling Potholder
tutorial and pattern by: Betsi Jenkins

Items needed:

  • cotton fabric

  • matching thread

  • extra wide double-fold bias tape

  • felt

  • fusible interfacing

  • poly fill

Print out pattern.  Size adjustment may be necessary.  Each image should fill a standard 8"x11.5" sheet of computer paper. 

Trim extra paper from patterns leaving a border around each image.

Fold fabric once in half, right side out.

Pin underside portion (B) with fold line flush with fabric fold.  Pin top portion (A 1,2) so that two identical birds will be cut at once.

Cut out patterns.

Remove underside (B) pattern from fabric.   Fold piece of felt in half.  Pin underside pattern to felt matching fold line to fabric fold.  Cut.

Lay felt out flat.  Cut fusible interfacing to size of felt.  Iron interfacing to felt, following directions on interfacing. 

Lay felt out flat, interfacing side up.  Lay underside portion (B) fabric flat on top, right side up.  Sew felt to underside fabric 1/4" from edge all around.

Lay one side of top portion (A1) right side down.

Fold underside (B) in half,  felt on the outside, fabric on the inside.  Line up on top portion (A1) with underside fold towards top of bird's "back".

Fold open underside (B).  Pin along bottom semi-circle of bird (A1).

Fold underside (B) flush again.

Line up second side of top portion (A2) right side up onto underside semi-circle.   Pin half of underside (B) to top portion (A2) at semi-circle.  Stitch along pinned sections to create a "pocket".

Sew head and tail of bird top portions (A1,2) together, leaving "back" seam unsewn.

Sew on bias tape onto lower semi-circle of one side of pocket mouth.  Turn over.

Sew on bias tape from beak to tail on opposite side of bird/pocket, tucking in raw edges from reverse side.

Stuff poly fill into back of bird, lightly filling head, body and tail of bird on both sides.  Pin back seam closed.  Stitch together.

Pin bias tape to back from beak to tail, folding under ends.  Sew.

And your done!

I'd love to see your finished products if you choose to try this project out.  Leave me any questions you have in the comments!


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